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Fear Less! now on Newgrounds =)

2013-06-07 15:59:09 by innomin

So apparently somebody stole our game a while back and uploaded it here? Fortunately you guys took care of it, and took it down within a couple days.

I saw it in the hosts, though, and decided that we should post it on Newgrounds ourselves. Sorry it took so long, guys, but it's been a wonderful surprise that people love our game so much! =)

atpalicis did all the art, so check out her page as well! We're working on a new project together that's much bigger, so stay tuned...


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2013-06-07 16:52:01

Glad to see it now on Newgrounds by the real author, it's a nice game :)

innomin responds:

Thanks! I'm guessing you were one of the people that removed the stolen one? If so, thanks for that, too. =)


2013-06-17 18:29:01

that makes me sad when people do that to a great game and pixel artist xD i mean i play it all the time it's awesomesauce as hell ( >OuO)> THANK YOU


2013-12-06 23:03:11

Good to know that the real author has now posted the game himself, the game is awesome!
By the way, loved your profile pic, what software did you use to make it? I was thinking about making pixel art myself and i don't know where to start...

(Updated ) innomin responds:

Thanks! Sorry I haven't been around for the past few months... been really busy on the next project!

I used GraphicsGale to make my profile image, and all the pixel art I do. It's free, and $19 if you want to make gifs.

If you're really into learning pixel art, I cannot recommend highly enough! They have tutorials that explain concepts like color usage, dithering, and banding that everyone should learn about.

I'm not the best artist, but I still learned a lot there and met atpalicis there as well! Check it out if you have a chance. =)